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О курсе Pandy The Panda

Come and learn English with Pandy the Panda!
Young learners will be captivated by the adventures of Pandy, his friends and their playhouse. Pandy the Panda motivates children through entertaining chants, songs, pen-to-paper activities, games, puzzles, stickers and stories.


Pupil's Book

  • Full colour Pupil's Book with a variety of motivating, age-appropriate tasks for very young learners.
  • Photos to bring the real world into the classroom.
  • Before-story and After-story pages.
  • Personalization tasks at the end of each unit.
  • Allows for development of fine and gross motor skills.
  • Fantastic chants and songs with guidance in the Teacher's Book on how to enhance student involvement.

Activity Book

  • The Activity Book reinforces and consolidates the target language of the unit.
  • A variety of 'pen-to-paper' activities develop pre-reading, pre-writing, observation and fine motor skills and help consolidate vocabulary learned in the songs.
  • Four pages per unit.
  • School-to-home connection: take-home page every two units.
  • Progress checks at the end of each unit.

Teacher's Book

  • Four-colour, interleaved Teacher's Book.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use the material and carry out lessons.
  • Includes sections on routines, how to use the puppet and posters as well as extra ideas and material.
  • Help and support provided for teachers who lack experience or confidence in the pre-primary classroom.


  • Double sided, full colour plasticized poster with suggestions on interactive activities to be carried out in class.
  • Full-colour flashcards with the key vocabulary from each unit.
  • Story Cards (3 stories per level) with images and text from the story on the back of each card.


Stories are important classroom tools to use with very young learners.

In Pandy's Playhouse, the stories help children revise and consolidate language in a natural and meaningful context.

The stories provide teachers with rich opportunities to explore values and social skills while, at the same time, providing children with easy expressions they can repeat.

О курсе Merry Team

Authors: Mady Musial; Magaly Villarroel

Beginner to Pre-Intermediate
Common European Framework: Level A1-A2

Each level of the course offers sufficient material for between 80 and 90 lessons, including evaluation. Each lesson takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes, but the Teacher's Guide provides suggestions for extending or reducing lessons.

The general aim of the course is to teach English as a means of communication and to develop young learners' knowledge of a different culture. For this reason, language is presented within a context and the children are given the opportunity to use it in a pleasant, motivating and supportive atmosphere.
In this way children feel that they can understand and do things in English, thus developing not only their ability to communicate but also their self-esteem and general education.

Each unit of the book is developed around a specific  topic chosen to reflect the age and developing interests of the children. The topics cover aspects of the real world as well as imaginative themes.
In levels 1 and 2, topics focus on the children, their immediate world and daily experiences.
In levels 3 and 4, they start branching out into the wider world and include cross-curricular activities.
Levels 5 and 6 are a continuation of the previous levels and provide a bridge to secondary education.

The aims of levels 1 and 2 are to provide children with non-verbal strategies for communication, a core vocabulary that they will recognize and the self-confidence necessary to attempt to produce it whenever they can.
In level 1, children concentrate on pre-reading and pre-writing activities, which are expanded in level 2 to include a small amount of writing.
In levels 3 and 4, core vocabulary is expanded and all four skills are covered, although priority is given to the receptive skills of listening and reading. Oral teacher-pupil and pupil-pupil interaction is encouraged.
In levels 5 and 6, verbal communication is expanded and the number of reading and writing tasks increases.
By the end of level 6, children have acquired the strong grounding that will prepare them for English at Secondary School.

NEW Digital Book
Merry Team Digital book

The complete course is available in a digital version (one for each level), to be used in the classroom with an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), or for self-study at home on the student's own computer.
The teacher can turn the pages on the screen, play the dialogues to the students, show the videos and do the exercises in class. Extremely simple to use, the Digital Book groups all the resources and teaching tools in one multimedia location.

For the Pupil

  • Pupil’s Book
  • Activity Book + Audio CD

For the Teacher

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Audio CD
  • Flashcards
  • DVD
  • Puppet


О курсе Team UP in English

Four-level English course for young teenagers, available in two different versions.

Authors: Cattunar, Morris, Moore, Smith, Canaletti, Tite

  • Two language presentation sections per unit offering manageable learning chunks.
  • Consolidation and expansion vocabulary exercises.
  • Problem solving tasks to discover grammar structures inductively.
  • A wide variety of approaches for developing skills which include CLIL.


The course is made up of four levels, and is available in two different versions: Four levels version and Starter + levels 1-2-3. Each level includes the Student’s Book, the Workbook plus an Audio CD.
It includes a Grammar book, a Picture dictionary and three Readers with audio CD. Each level includes the Teacher's Book plus 2 class Audio CD and two volumes of Test and Resources with Audio CD and CD-Rom Test maker.

Digital Book
The complete course is available in a digital version (one for each level), to be used in the classroom with an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), or for self-study at home on the student’s own computer.

Visit www.teamupinenglish.com for further information.


1-2-3-4 version


  • Student’s Book
  • Workbook + Audio CD
  • Personal Toolkit (for the 4 levels)
  • Reader + Audio CD (levels 1-2-3) 


  • Teacher’s Book + 2 Audio CD
  • Tests and Resources + Audio CD + CD-ROM Test Maker (levels 1-2)
  • Tests and Resources + Audio CD + CD-ROM Test Maker (levels 3-4) 

Starter + 1-2-3 version


  • Student’s Book (Starter + levels 1-2-3)
  • Workbook + Audio CD (Starter + levels 1-2-3)
  • Personal Toolkit (for the 4 levels)
  • Reader + Audio CD (levels 2-3-4) 


  • Teacher’s Book + 2 Audio CD
  • Tests and Resources + Audio CD + CD-ROM Test Maker (Starter + level 1)
  • Tests and Resources + Audio CD + CD-ROM Test Maker (level 2-3) 

The Student's Book 

View inside: Student's book 1

The Starter Volume present the same structure without Skills, CLIL and Curiosity Corner pages.

Two double page spreads of Input: Lexis/ functions. 
The Unit opens with a large photograph and the first language input consists of a dialogue (or more frequently a reading passage in the second and third volume). In this section one or two of the unit’s functions are presented along with some elements of vocabulary. In the pages that follow, work is done on the lexis and functions, and concludes with a personalized activity where the students can try out their new language. The second double page spread follows the same layout as the first, but offers a greater quantity of exercises as well as a pronunciation activity. The workbook contains a section that corresponds to the lexis and functions of the two units.

Grammar Focus
The double page spread of grammar in the Student’s Book guides the student towards discovering and constructing the rules before putting them into practice straight away with functional exercises. From these pages, the students can move on to the Workbook for further practice and, having exhausted the subject, follow the directions to the Personal Toolkit Grammar for consultation of the valid rule and to complete further consolidation exercises.

Curiosity Corner (third unit of the folder)
A double page “fun” spread, rich with ideas for discovering the reality of the English speaking world and come closer to authentic language. 
At the end of each folder the Check Your Progress pages contain language revision exercises which enables the student to take stock of their progress and prepare themselves for the end of unit test.

Skills (first unit of the folder)
A double page spread which follows a gradual path of skills with varied and authentic activities. From the outset the students become familiar with exercises in the style of the KET and Trinity exams.

CLIL (second unit of the folder)
A double page spread, rich with reading and activities, that offers its own separate didactic path to explore subjects other than the English language. Further activity and reading sheets are to be found in the Tests and Resources book.

Culture Spot (special section at the end of the Student’s Book) 
Four themes of a more traditional nature which pay special attention to cultural comparisons. 
Each section contains reading passages and activities. This is a self-contained section and offers more flexibility to the teacher who is free to choose “if and when” to insert it into the programme. More activity sheets are to be found in the Tests and Resources book. 

Download a sample (39 pages) >>>

The Workbook

View inside: Workbook 1

The Workbook contains further exercises for revision and to reinforce the concepts presented in the Student’s Book. In every unit there are skills activities in order to progressively develop the autonomy of the student. Particular emphasis is given to listening ability. 

The Student’s CD offers listening exercises and also the audio version of the reading section. 
The Study Tips give the students strategies to develop their learning ability outside of the classic classroom situation.

Download a sample (25 pages) >>>

Teacher's Book

View inside: Teacher's book 1

Each Level of the Team Up in English course comes with a Teacher’s Book and the two class CDs containing all of the listening material from the Student’s Book. 

Each teacher’s book contains:

  • Tables of contents 
  • Introduction to the methodology and guide to programme planning;
  • Information relative to the Common European Framework of Reference as well as outside Certifications such as Trinity and Cambridge
  • Teacher’s notes for each unit
  • Answer keys for the exercises and the audio scripts for the Workbook
  • Audio scripts which are not included in the Student’s Book
  • Suggestions for extra activities
  • Reference markers for Common European Framework (CEFR) indicators;  for interdisciplinary activities (CLIL); for Civic Education activities, for Trinity and Cambridge examinations
  • Cross references to the Workbook, Personal Toolkit, Tests and Resources.                    

Download a sample (41 pages) >>>

Tests and Resources

Team Up in English Tests and Resources is a support tool for the teachers, presented in two volumes, 
both of each comes with Audio CD. Each volume contains the following photocopiable material which can 
be used in class:

  • Evaluation grids to mark each student’s progress
  • Formative and summative evaluation tests
  • Reinforcement Worksheets 
  • Folder Grammar Extension Worksheets 
  • Culture Spot Tests 
  • CLIL Worksheets 
  • PT Pictionary Worksheets 
  • Audio scripts and answer keys for the Tests and the Worksheets

CD-Rom Test Maker

The CD Rom Test Maker allow the teacher to intervene and change the tests, adapting the program to the specific needs of the classes. At the end of each test the answer key and audio scripts are available.

The CD Rom Test Maker contains the Evaluation tables and the following tests in doc format Microsoft ® Word ®:

  • Entry Test
  • Unit Tests
  • Folder Skills Tests 
  • Culture Spot Tests

Personal Toolkit

The students ore offered a personal and flexible instrument for consultation and reflection on the language. This ring binder is a flexible tool which can be adapted to various uses, it helps the teacher to manage the class with different levels of ability. 
The Personal Toolkit is divided into two sections: Grammar and Pictionary.

144 colour worksheets that present and expand upon all the arguments presented in the course. Each worksheet has pre-punched holes so that the students can file away their notes and exercises and hence favour and personalise their self-study.

15 themed tables containing around 600 words and expressions, linked in to photocopiable worksheets included in the Tests and Resources book for expanding vocabulary. The Pictionary is in the form of a booklet with practical metal rings to allow its insertion into the binder.


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