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127 hours

127 Hours

ISBN: 9781908351135
127 Hours is the extraordinary true story of Aron Ralston who, after a canyoneering accident in Utah, was forced to amputate his own...

a family affair

A Family Affair

ISBN: 9788881483853
Eli Classics introduce students to classic literature from the English-speaking world. This graded series allows teachers to choose...

a lion called christian

A Lion Called Christian

ISBN: 9781905775927
In 2006, YouTube.com featured an extraordinary film clip that showed the emotional reunion between two young men and their pet lion,...



ISBN: 9788853607676
The titles in the series are organised in three levels according to the reader’s age and language competence (CEFR A1 – C2): Young...

amazing grace

Amazing Grace

ISBN: 9781905775286
During the eighteenth century, millions of people were taken from Africa and sold as slaves. Great Britain was the most powerful...

an education

An Education

ISBN: 9781906861001
Jenny has just turned sixteen and is determined to escape her stifl ing suburban homelife by going to Oxford University. When she...

angela's ashes

Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt

ISBN: 9781904720447
Limerick, 1934. It’s cold and it’s wet. Frank, his parents and three brothers have just come back from America...



ISBN: 9781905775965
Will has always been an outsider, so, he is surprised when one of the coolest girls at his new school, Charlotte, befriends him....

barack obama

Barack Obama

ISBN: 9781905775798
On January 20th, 2009, Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America. He is the fi rst African-American to be...

batman begins

Batman Begins

ISBN: 9781904720232
Batman Begins explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight’s emergence as a force for good in Gotham City. This is...

batman. the dark knight

Batman: The Dark Knight

ISBN: 9781905775408
Batman, Lieutenant Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent join forces to deal with the chaos unleashed on the terrifi ed citizens of...

billy elliot

Billy Elliot

ISBN: 9781904720249
Billy Elliot is 11 years old and he’s got problems! His dad is giving him money for boxing lessons but Billy has discovered a talent...

black gold

Black Gold

ISBN: 9781905775552
Based on a remarkable documentary fi lm, Black Gold tells the story of one man’s mission to save his 74,000 Ethiopian coffee farmers...

blog love5

Blog Love

ISBN: 9781904720539
Junko has come to London for the summer, but feels lonely and isolated. She takes refuge in the daily blog she writes and is delighted...

buffy the vampire slayer. inca mummy girl

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Inca Mummy Girl

ISBN: 97819004720225
It’s Cultural Exchange Week at Sunnydale High but there's something strange about Buffy's exchange partner. Is...



ISBN: 9788853602480
A simple approach which captures the young reader’s attention. Children learn basic American English vocabulary and structures. 8...

crash course

Crash Course

ISBN: 9788853600318
Encourage reading for pleasure in English, thanks to a series of original, entertaining stories. This series aims to broaden...

date with disaster

Date with Disaster!

ISBN: 9781904720119
Kate is 13 and she is fi nding that life is never simple. Should she go on a date with the new boy at school, Joe (cool, into music,...

dj ambition

DJ Ambition

ISBN: 9781904720102
Ali lives for R&B music and hip-hop, and her one ambition is to be a DJ at a top London club. It’s not easy though, especially with a...



ISBN: 9781905775255
When The Dreams fail to win an important talent contest, an aspiring record producer, Curtis, sees their potential and moulds them...

fast food nation

Fast Food Nation

ISBN: 9781905775538
A marketing executive from Mickey’s – a fast food US burger chain – discovers that contaminated meat is getting into the burgers, and...

goal 2. living the dream

Goal 2

ISBN: 9781904720935
Santiago Muñez has made his mark in the UK Premier league as a top midfi elder with Newcastle United. European football now beckons...

hachiko - a loyal dog

Hachiko: A loyal dog

ISBN: 9781906861964
Every day, Hachiko, an Akita dog, goes to Shibuya train station in Tokyo and waits for his owner, Dr Ueno, to return from work. One...

hansel and gretel4

Hansel and Gretel

ISBN: 9788853602510
A simple approach which captures the young reader’s attention. Children learn basic American English vocabulary and structures. 8...


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