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Zippy Deedoo (student’s book B)

zippy deedoo (student's book b)
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ISBN: 9788853610188
A 3-level English course for 3-5 year-old Pre-School children

Based on the adventures of Zippy, a clever dog, Deedoo, a fun little girl and Kabir, a sweet and thoughtful little boy.

Zippy Deedoo introduces communication in English and develops long-term memory and linguistic skills appropriate to the age range.Children learn to understand the global meaning of a story, repeat short expressions, follow simple instructions, introduce themselves, say hello and goodbye, pronounce the names of several items of food, clothes and colours, as well as basic language structures related to everyday life.

Authors: Laura Irons; Laura Rossetti

Beginner to Elementary
Common European Framework: Level A1

Zippy Deedoo Starter
Student’s Book B
23x28 cm, 96 full-colour pages

Topics are introduced via short stories based on children's daily lives, thus allowing youngsters to learn English in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
A highlight of the course is Story Time - motivating stories involving the characters, which are ideal for presenting topics, lexis and simple structures. Memorisation and communication is achieved through Game Time in which young learners interact with their fellow pupils and overcome emotional barriers such as shyness or the fear of making mistakes.
Sing & Dance Time allows the child to involve both mind and body in language learning and creates a fun and playful atmosphere.

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> Audio CDs (one for each level)
> Storycards (A and B)
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