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Merry Team (flashcards 1)

merry team (flashcards 1)
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ISBN: 9788853611093
Merry Team is a 6-level English course for Primary School children in Primary School, who have had some exposure to the language. It covers the curriculum requirements for the English language.

Each level of the course offers sufficient material for between 80 and 90 lessons, including evaluation. Each lesson takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes, but the teacher’s guide provides suggestions for extending or reducing lessons.

The general aim of the course is to teach English as a means of communication and to develop young learners’ knowledge of a different culture.

For this reason, language is presented within a context and the children are given the opportunity to use it in a pleasant, motivating and supportive atmosphere.
In this way children feel that they can understand and do things in English, thus developing not only
their ability to communicate but also their selfesteem and general education.

Authors: Mady Musial; Magaly Villarroel

Beginner to Pre-Intermediate
Common European Framework: Level A1-A2

Merry Team 1
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