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40 combined skills lessons for the common european framework

40 Combined Skills Lessons for the Common European Framework

ISBN: 9781904720157
A comprehensive collection of 40 ready-to-go combined skills worksheets closely adhering to Common European...

40 more combined skills lessons for the common european framework b1

40 More Combined Skills Lessons for the Common European Framework

ISBN: 9781904720287
This invaluable resource provides focused, communicative practice of all four skills for teenage students at...

50 mixed-ability grammar lessons

50 Mixed-Ability Grammar Lessons

ISBN: 9781904720072
This rich resource provides grammar practice activities for mixedability classes covering elementary,...

british history highlights

British History Highlights

ISBN: 9781904720294
This collection presents highlights of British history in a way which will directly appeal to teenage...

timesaver clifford songs and chants

Clifford Songs and Chants

ISBN: 9781904720409
Everyone loves Clifford! This book provides 15 songs and chants all about Clifford, the big red dog. Pupils...

common european framework assessment tests

Common European Framework Assessment Tests

ISBN: 9781905775422
An ideal resource for assessing students’ progress at any stage during their secondary-level English studies,...

cross-curricular english activities

Cross-curricular English Activities

ISBN: 9781900702584
An extensive collection of exciting and interactive activities in English for maths, geography, life skills,...

customs and lifestyle in the english-speaking world

Customs and Lifestyles in the English-speaking World

ISBN: 9781904720409
This informative resource presents aspects of lifestyle and culture in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and...

customs and lifestyle in the uk & ireland

Customs and Lifestyles in the UK and Ireland

ISBN: 9781904720133
This stimulating resource provides a real insight into everyday culture, customs and lifestyle from the UK and...

drama in the classroom

Drama in the Classroom

ISBN: 9781904720805
This lively resource book contains a variety of drama activities to suit a range of levels and abilities. It is aimed at children from...


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