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Flash on English for Mechanics, Electronics and Technical Assistance

flash on english for mechanics
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ISBN: 9788853614490
The series provides a thorough introduction to English for
Specific Purposes in a range of content areas.
The books provide teachers with all the tools necessary to
introduce vocabulary and language functions specific to the
language sector.
• Materials: description and aspects
• Working processes of metals
• Tools in mechanics: machine tools and
CNC (computer numerical control)
• Technical drawing: CAD and CAM
• Electricity and conductivity of materials
• Electric circuits: elements and types of
• Conventional and alternative power plants
• Electronics: a definition of electronics,
electronic elements and devices
• Communication network and transmission
• Networks: components and types
• Automation and robotics
• Technical assistance and maintenance

Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate
Common European Framework: Level A2-B1


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